monologues and spoken word recordings by Mac D of politoons

Left Field Recordings is the most recent Politoons Radio Monologue series.

These pieces are developed using "audio writing" - a combination of recorded improvisation and prepared writing which is then edited and collaged together

The Queue The Summer Festival life begins to wear as the queue for the loo begins to feel like a kind of purgatory.
Scottish Contemporary Dance A street performance confuses the locals when the dancing seems distinctly devoid of movement.


is the radio series that reflects on a single word, and what a single word can inspire.
Sample episodes can be listened to below, or try this 30 second trailer here
A selection of audio poetry by the same author can be heard here
(each Unspoken word episode is 15 minute long)

Episode 21: "Ideas"
Recorded in front of a live audience at the Falmouth Townhouse, Telltales event, January 26th 2010-02-22
Ideas are like the post office, an endless stream of ever changing items tucked away in various envelopes travelling here there and everywhere. Each of which has potential, infinite potential until the envelope finally arrives, is opened, and 'the winner is!...' Never quite as good as it seemed at the time...

Episode 16:'Govern'
Politics isn't necessarily inherant, we're not born with politics, it morphs around us, or like the ancient custom of oriental foot binding, it shapes us into its own mould, even if it looks a bit funny to outsiders, and sometimes has to be justified with a slightly weird philosophy explaining why we've always done things this way in the first place.

Episode 17:'Humour'

This episode was recorded in front of a live audience as part of the telltales event which took place at Babahog's, Falmouth, October 26th, 2009
The Young Albert Einstein used to take the tram to work everyday, and as he watched the town clock tower recede behind him on his daily commute, Einstein would imagine himself travelling through time and space, accelerating toward the speed of light. Thinking not only about how much faster he would get to work, but realising that as he aproached the speed of light, the light from the clock tower - which told him the time - would take longer and longer to reach him, which means it would stay the same time all day at the office - and who hasn't had that feeling?..

Episode 15: 'Laws'

Laws are relics of the past that are intended to shape the future, once in place they are difficult to dislodge,
they protect rights infringe rights, mean so little that they hardly seem worth changing - there may still be statutes on the books that permit a pig or sheep to be charged with murder,
just as there are more recent ones that allow a person to be arrested for wearing the wrong t-shirt.

Episode 14: 'God'

Like many people who work at home, I sometimes dread the doorbell ringing of an afternoon. It signals an uncertainty, a small tear in the fabric of my habit, disrupted, by the intrusion of the rest of the world literally knocking at my door.
For many cultures the doorway the gateway between worlds, heaven and earth, the world of the living and the underworld, the crossroads, the place of chance of accident, of chaos amongst the order is the natural habitat of the 'trickster'.

Episode 13: 'Intelligence'

I heard a futurologist on the radio explaining the possiblity that in 25 years or so, we will no longer be trying to make computers that are intelligent.
Instead, we will be sitting back watching computers that are already more intelligent than us, make new computers that are even more intelligent than themselves...

Episode One: 'FACT'

Thing we often take for granted, things we call truths. Scientific, Empirical, evidence of rights and wrongs.
Ingredients in our recipes for justice and fair play. History and science.
Proof that substantiates our understanding of the world around us, and our ability to think things through.
Things we somehow fold and fit into this traveling suitcase called language.

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(language=evolution) ©2002

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two poems inspired by Thomas Bartels
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