A selection of short poetry pieces

Author: Mac Dunlop
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History's Man

Lockleaze Resolution

Poet's Reading

Windows Media Prayer

Other Stories and Sound Art available from UNSPOKEN WORDS:

Whispers (new)

Sex and Death Radio (new)
Excerpts from the "SMALL WOR(L)DS" collection, which features 8 wide ranging storytelling monologues:

Midland Depression

Redevelopment take a turn for the worse when the opportunity rises

Human Tide

Life's not so much of a beach when no one will let you in

Schrodinger's House Plant

One person's attempt to make the invisible visible

Ode: do I not like bombs (new)

Humanities Histories (new)


Whispers (new)

Sex and Death Radio (new)

other music tracks which will form part of future collections:

SPOKEN WORD, from relevant to contemplative

-NOT RHYME - from The Coastal Keys project

-Aww CaNaDa -

The White Bull Whale from DATA STREAM PURE CORRUPT