kiyânaw collective (or kiy [pronounced key] for short)

kiyânaw is a word/concept from nêhiyawêwin (cree language) meaning us/we - inclusive! Since nêhiyawin (worldview) has infiltrated the contemporary world found in anything from province names (Saskatchewan) to pet names for TV characters (Kemosabe - kôcapiw [kee-mooch-ap-ee]) instead of looking at this continued presence as appropriation, kiyânaw collective is re-investigating contemporary proprietary notions and instead viewing what is seen as a loss as a gain, what is scarce then becomes abundant, and the dispossessed find their home.

What is kiy (pronounced key) is that we extend a generosity of spirit to all beings in the times we are now living in on our mother, the earth. It is kiy is that we make room for each others' voice, creative and critical expression, point of view, realities - full of desires, dreams and concrete needs. It is kiy is that we honour the complexities that constitute our existence and histories as related through our stories and all modes of expression / and ways to transmit this compassion through cooperation over competition, challenging ourselves to ever widening the circle. In this way, there will be no dilution, no appropriation but an ever-enriching and appropriate diversity of experience, connection and compassion.
this is kiy! this is kiyânaw.

kiyânaw ohci kâkîyaw iyiniwak (we are for all beings)!