Programme of events.



fri 02
SUN 04
tue 0620:00........THE EDUKATORS
wed 0716:30........Closed for private event.
thu 0819:30........THE LIGHT FANTASTIC #1
fri 0919:30........BEETLEJUICE
SAT 1020:00........MINOTAUR SHOCK
19:00........911 TRUTH MOVEMENT
mon 1220:00........PALINDROMES
tue 1318:30........AUTUMNAL CYCLE TOUR
wed 1417:00........Closed for private event.
thu 1520:00........VIALKA
fri 1620:00........PLUG58
mon 1919:30........Closed for private event.
tue 2019:30........BLUESCREEN PRESENTS..
wed 2117:00........Closed for private event.
thu 2220:00........LAWRENCE ENGLISH + VI + BUGBRAND
SAT 2420:00........JOHN PARISH
mon 2620:00........HEAVY HEADS: KYUSS
tue 2719:30........GREENSCREEN
wed 2817:00........Closed for private event.
20:00........DEAR WENDY
fri 3020:00........BLURT


SAT 0120:00........CUBE 7TH BIRTHDAY
SUN 0217:00........CLOSED
tue 0419:00........APPLESEED
21:00........THE DEVIL'S REJECTS
wed 0519:00........APPLESEED
21:00........THE DEVIL'S REJECTS
thu 0619:00........APPLESEED
21:00........THE DEVIL'S REJECTS


TTT = Ticket Tout Tuesday


with Mole Harness
(Sat 3rd / 8pm / £5)
A Qu Junktion

Another magical find from the man who discovered Devendra Banhart, Michael Gira
(Swans, Young God Records). Mi and L'au are Finnish/French couple who live
deep in the woods in Finland, where they devote themselves to writing music
together. Their music is bare and austere with voice, acoustic guitars, and very
moving orchestrations. It has the naked quality of early Nico or even Chet Baker
recordings - soulful and elegant, without being touchy-feely or confessional.
Haunting and pure, like a soundtrack to a glacial landscape, they come to the
Cube after stealing the show at Green Man Festival. 

New boy wonder Alexander Tucker, star of Venn 2005, vocalises a southern free
folk sprit with extreme outsider notions of space and time. He takes the raw,
mysterious stuff of English folk song and detours it through a hyper antique-
modern mindset. Having recently toured with Jackie O'Motherfucker, his new album
OLD FOG is out on ATP and a collaboration with Stephen O'Malley (Sunn O))),
Khanate) is underway.

One of Bristol's melancholic treasures, Mole Harness has been steadily amassing
new material and formed his own label, Stay Dog Army Records. Time for his first
live show in ages demonstrating an evolving sound palette that bears the
influences of Fennesz and Terry Riley.



Image by: internet scavenged

(Mon 5th Sept / 7.30pm / £2/3 though nobody turned away for lack of funds)

Bristol Indymedia is pleased to be screening "Rebels Without a Cause", an
independent film by Daniel Simpson and Matthew Green which highlights the
nightmare facing northern Ugandans caught up in one of Africa's longest and most
neglected conflicts. After nearly two decades of bloodshed, why do Ugandans seem
to have been forgotten by the world? Introduced by filmmaker Daniel Simpson.

We will also be showing more exclusive footage from the recent G8 protests -
footage from the other side of the fence at a summit that was billed by the
attending leaders as making poverty history...



Image by: internet scavenged

Hans Weingartner / Germany / 2004 / 127 mins / 35mm / Cert 15
(Tue 6th / 8pm / £2)

Evicted from her flat, Berlin student Jule moves in with her boyfrend Peter 
and soon learns that Peter and his flatmate, Jan, are breaking into the homes 
of middle class suburbans at night. Instead of stealing or vandalizing, 
though, they carefully and ornately rearrange furniture and valulables and 
leave messages such as 'Your Days of Plenty Are Numbered' (the original German 
title of the film) as a mark of their naive political intent.  Their 
idealistic activities are shattered however when their meticulously planned 
civil disturbances yield unforseen reprecussions, and they are forced to take 
desperate, even illegal measures.

A perceptive political tale of our times, the film features another superb 
performance from hot German actor Daniel Brühl (Goodbye Lenin!).



(Wed 7th / 7.30pm / £2)

Trapeze into the auditorium and tell us a tale of strangeness. Sit and listen
with the other intelligent chimps. Wax your moustache, ladies and iron your
leopard skin leotard, gents, we want to hear about nights that have changed your
life, things you've done that made the fat lady sing, mischief you made that
cured the lion's halitosis. Bring a story and your pristine ears. If you require
any tech just email the invisible woman (details below) and she'll get the
strong man to lend a hand.



Tonight sees the launch of THE LIGHT FANTASTIC: the new monthly event bringing 
together live and screen-based dance and performance with a microplex slant.  
Each month, some of Bristol's finest dancers, choreographers, performers, 
directors, filmmakers and musicians will be making for the Cube to present 
their work, from early-stage work in progress through to polished 'pointy end'.
To start us off in style tonight is a party night, featuring work from Brenda 
Waite, Evan Marcos & Yoshino Shigihara, Ruth Douglas & Chris Barnett, Kyra 
Norman & others tbc... Come early to see everything.  Stay late to catch up, 
make plans, meet future collaborators and party.  With Fantastic DJs and decor, 
discounts for those dressed Fantastically...

8pm onward
£4 fullprice £3 Fantastically dressed people
FFI: email or call 07779 726 370



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(Tim Burton / 1988 / USA / 91 Mins / Cert 15)
(Fri 9th / 7.30pm / £2)

With Charlie under his belt, and the Corpse Bride just around the corner, this 
is looking to be year of the Burton. So what better way to celebrate this 
momentous occasion in the history of film than to dust off one of the old 
classics for another look. And they don't come more classic than Beetlejuice.

Featuring a host of Burton regulars (Jeffrey Jones, Winona Ryder) the film was 
originally planned as a supernatural drama entitled "The Maitlands", about a 
deceased couple dealing with the troubles of the afterlife. Only when Michael 
Keaton began filming his scenes and asked for creative freedom did Tim Burton 
realize the potential of a dark comedy. His Beetlejuice becomes the dark, 
comic centre of the film and has provided hundreds, if not thousands, of party-
goers the ideal Halloween costume for almost 20 years. 



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(Terry Gilliam / 1985 / UK / 142 mins / Cert 15)
(Fri 9th / 9.30pm / £2)

With images such as the one shown beginning to appear on public transport in 
America as a reaction to the rise in homeland terrorism, the time seems ripe 
to re-visit Terry Gilliam's satirical vision of the spectre of totalitarianism 
and evil in modern democracy.

Sam Lowry is a harried ministry worker in an all-too familiar society that is 
needlessly convoluted and inefficient. He dreams of a life where he can fly 
away from echnology and overpowering bureaucracy, and spend eternity with the 
woman of his dreams. While trying to rectify the wrongful arrest of one Harry 
Buttle, Lowry meets Jill Layton - a truck driver who he believes to be the 
girl he has seen in his dreams...

Jonathan Pryce plays Lowry as a sympathetic anti-hero whose sense of personal 
responsibility has been undermined by the systems of government and family 
which surround him, whose naive attempts to challenge the system vause more 
harm than good, and whose friends smile with impunity whilst torturing 
innocent suspects.  

Gilliam returns to cinemas this year after an eight year absence - well worth 
reminding yourself of what he is capable of at his very best.



with Freeze Puppy + The Computer Sings
(Sat 10th / 8pm / £5)

Jesus H Christ a night brimming with smiles and lush devilishly homecrafted
songs. Three wilfully wayward West Country eccentrics join forces for the home
leg of their UK tour. 

You can't keep a good man down so Minotaur Shock got signed up to 4AD and is
back with second album 'Maritime', the most tuneful and downright enchanting
electronic offering you care to imagine. Against all the odds, Philip Glass,
dreamy FM rock, Prince influences joyously combine in distinctly English flights
of fanciful moodpieces. The live audiovisual show features, lush animations,
comic turns... and the obligatory dream sequence!

Comes with two more oddbods in tow: the unbelievable mixture of African guitar,
Fantomas studio boffinary and Ray Davis song craft that is FREEZE PUPPY; plus
Mr_Hopkinson, whose mischievous harddrive takes centre stage in THE COMPUTER
SINGS, a medley of vocoder-led indie classics put on repeat by Radio 1's Rob da

Think cabaret, see video trickery and hear pop god music. Wunderful home
entertainment for the beautiful odd bod. Come in.

Presented by Qu Tours



Nanoplex presents:  Telling tales! A walking story exploration.
( Sunday 11th September / 2pm / meet at The Cube Cinema Car Park / free )

Join Artist Harry Palmer with musicians and urban climbers on an alternative
guided storytelling exploration  of  the Cube Cinemas neighbourhood area,
specifically Dove St Estate, as part of the Dove St Arts festival running from
the 9th - 11th of September.  

A friendly One hour tour for Children and Adults alike. We have been making
several explorations of  Dove St Estate via climbing routes. Artist Harry Palmer
known for spontaneously transforming a otherwise over looked aspect of our urban
environment and turning it into a thing of magical and humorous fantasy! He will
conduct the exploration. Guaranteed to be a unique look into the area!

Meet us in the Cube Cinema car park at 2pm.  

Nanoplex is a branch of the Cubes programme specifically for young people



Image by: so damn insane

(Sun 11th / 7pm-10pm / free)

An evening of CONSPIRACY FACTS NOT THEORIES. An enquiry and analysis into the
official 911 story. This event will show well documented visual evidence with an
opportunity for Q&A open debate, plus a chance to win £1000 CASH in the HUNT THE
BOEING competition (see flyer for details). The truth will set you free. 

Supported by the 911 truth movement.,,,,,,



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(Todd Solondz / 2004 / USA / 100 Mins / Cert 15)
(Wed 14th / £2 / 8pm)

Thirteen-year-old Aviva Victor wants to be a 'mom'. She does all she can to 
make this happen, and comes very close to succeeding, but in the end her plan 
is thwarted by her sensible parents. So she runs away, still determined to get 
pregnant one way or another, but instead finds herself lost in another world. 
She takes a road trip from the suburbs of New Jersey, through Ohio to the 
plains of Kansas and back. Like so many trips, this one is round-trip, and 
it's hard to say in the end if she can ever be quite the same again, or if she 
can ever be anything but the same again.

Todd Solondz has carved out a career depicting the nihilistic underbelly of 
the American dream, taking perverse pleasure in revealing a side to life 
rarely shown in mainstream cinema.  Once again, with Palindromes, he lifts the 
stone of a hot topic and scrutinises with a curious objectivity the lives 
underneath. For the role of Aviva he takes the bold, Brechtian move of casting 
a different actress to play her at every stage of her journey.  As well as 
creating a distance between the character and the audience, he also implies 
the variety of different lives the one character represents and lends the 
story a timeless, fable like quality absent from his other films.



This month cycle direct from work to the cube for some alternative cycle
touring. Autonomous cycle tours are open events for the sharing of urban
knowledge via the brilliant bicycle.  Meet in the Cube carpark at 6:30pm and we
will map our way around the city via each cyclists' chosen destinations, routes
and sites. Come along for a 10mph conversation with a stranger while sharing
your urban idyll.

Check out



Image by: internet scavenged

with A Lion + The Fuck Buttons
(Thu 15th / 8pm / £5)

Kavalier Klub returns with gypsy turbo-folk-punk from modern day nomads Eric
Boros and Marylise Frecheville. The Canadian/French duo devour shreds of ancient
Chinese folk songs, eccentric stand-up cabaret, and surrealistic verse in a
whirlwind of dervish energy right up there with Lightning Bolt or Ruins. The
pair are pretty much permanently on tour, singing for their supper in whatever
café, bar, or squat will have them, worldwide. Noisy comedy to move your body
and twist your mind.

Support comes from two Bristol based acts with a penchant for sonic detritous:
mechanisised industrial post punkers A Lion, plus throbbing, technicolour noise
from the Fuck Buttons.



Image by: internet scavenged

PLUG58 presents Double Trouble

Dual launch party from 58 records

Debut releases from Song Demonesses
produced by STEW JACKSON

(Fri 16th / 8pm / £5)

RASHA SHAHEEN unveils her solo album HATSHEPSUT. From Egyptian dunes to inner
city blues. Rasha plays your heart strings then rips your head clean off with
the serrated beauty of a women scorned. A soft breath with a sting in its tail.

EMILY BREEZE and the DOBERMEN take you deep in to the red light district of
sound with songs that restlessly pace the room recounting tales of tragic
romance , desire and revenge. Tonight  they unleash their first ever release. A
mighty 5 Track E.P.

Be seduced by shimmering lipgloss and scraping metal, Watch the gig and then
take it home and listen to it!

The shit has hit the fan!!

Dress to kill for an after show party courtesy of Butcher spinning Sleaze Rock
to Doo Wop



Image by: internet scavenged

(Sat 17th / 7.30pm / £6/4)

A festival of electronic audio-visual performances, artist led software courses,
masterclasses, specially curated screenings and cutting edge sound/image
processing taking place at The Watershed Media Centre and The Cube.
The Connectors concert

SAN proudly presents a rare opportunity to witness a line up of today’s leading
international audio-visual pioneers in performance at The Cube. Not to be missed!

Kurt Ralske
Brian O’Reilly and Andreas Schlegel
Jo Hyde
Yasser Rashid

See for more information about specially curated films
screenings, masterclasses and artist led courses in Jitter and Processing
software taking place at the Watershed Media Centre during The Connectors
festival, 12 – 18 September.



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STEVE TURNER (Mudhoney) + S J Esau
(Sun 18th Sept / 7.30pm /  £6)

In the country to play two sold out shows with MUDHONEY in London, the Microplex
is mad to welcome Steve Turner, lead guitarist with the superfuzzin' band, to do
his solo acoustic show.

From his punk rock roots with Green River to the seminal proto grunge noise pop
of Mudhoney and the gloriously wasted garage of Monkeywrench he has now hushed
down to write fine songs with elements of folk, country, blues, and rock. His
debut 'Searching for Melody' quickly established Turner as another pivotal
Northwest singer-songwriter. It is moving, as emotional as it is tender, and as
simplistic as it is engaging. His high-lonesome, salt-of-the-earth singing and
surprisingly understated guitar playing  hints at elements of Lee Hazelwood,
Townes Van Zandt and Dave Van Ronk. Spellbinding Sunday evening comin’ down music.
"For me punk and folk... they’re the same thing to me, one’s just louder than
the other." – Steve Turner



Bluescreen Presents.. Bristol Premieres
(Tues 20th Sept/ 7.30pm/ £4/3)

Tonight bluescreen catches up with High Definition Production in Bristol. 
We take a look at a number of local, recent indie productions that have been 
produced on video, but have a film aesthetic. 
Plus discussions with all the key players - directors, producers and 
technicians, who are using HD. 
We welcome, Director/Filmmaker, Terry Flaxton, who will be moderating the 
evening and also screening some of his own films.




Image by: internet scavenged

(Steven Soderbergh / 2001&2004 / USA / 116&125 Mins / Cert 12)

Dust off your tux, zip up your cocktail dress, pop a wad of bills in your 
pocketbook and head down to the Cube for a night with Dannny and the boys.

Game and Watch proudly present Steven Soderbergh's post-modern take on 60s 
glamour and the caper film as the most stylish double-bill of the autumn 

Onscreen: Eleven and Twelve.
In the bar: classy cocktails, drop-dead DJs and Kate's Casino.  
On your back: fashion fresh from the pages of Harper's & Queen, 1961.



A Float Records Night
with Lawrence English + VI + Bugbrand
(Thu 22nd / 8pm / £5)

Prepare your mind for an evening of deep listening, fragile beauty and spectral

Lawrence English is a writer, musician and media artist based in Brisbane,
Australia who has worked with the likes of DJ Olive, Janek Schaefer and Scanner.
Like Whitman, he applies live digital processing to acoustic sounds in his
subtle ambient meditations. Hypnotic head music to clear your ears.

With support from V.I. - raw analogue undulations for the ears and eyes using a
bank of archaic step modulator synthesisers: the sonic output is fed through an
oscilliscope and projected onto the big screen.

Also tonight, Bugbrand presents a reworking of Alvin Lucier's "Vespers", a piece
in which a number of performers, using ultrasonic devices, explore a darkened
room like bats to create an image in sound of the space's contours. 

***regretably Keith Fullerton Whitman has been forced to cancel this event***



Image by: internet scavenged

(Fri 23rd / 8pm / £6/5)

A sinister night for left-handers featuring the finest of the regions backward
musicians and sinister personalities. Please get in touch if that means
you and you'd like to take part:




(Sat 24th / 7.30pm / £7)

An inspirational guitar player, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer
John Parish now sings. Supporting the release of his second solo album on THRILL
JOCKEY “Once Upon A Little Time” John and his band will play a special show at
the microplex. This is a intimate, intense, sometimes serious, sometimes
frivolous, sometimes beautiful affair with a Eurocentric line up of musicians
supporting his foray into organic singer-songwriter territory.

Parish began his career as singer with cult band Automatic But by the beginning
of the 90s he’d grown uncomfortable with the role of front-man & opted instead
to play side-kick/collaborator with amongst others Eels, Giant Sand & most
famously, PJ Harvey.Live it promises to be a epic and moving affair of songs,
craft and widescreen dynamics.

Prepared to be blown away by the lungs of MEN DIAMLER for he is a pulsating
performer. A man with split personalities in possession of a huge, operatic
voice for the good of singing chants, lullabyes, blues, spirituals in a jaw
dropping style. Naked soul giving and strange stories from a gifted singer.
Presented by Qu Junktions



Image by: internet scavenged

(Samuel Fuller / 1980 / USA / 160 mins / Cert 15)
(Sun 25th / 8pm / £2)

By the time cinema's foremost pulp-poet came to make his magnum opus, he was 
considered by many to be all washed up.  He hadn't made a film in almost ten 
years, and was seen as belonging to an earlier era of B-movie crime pictures 
that no longer had a place in the post-Jaws world of spectacle and horror.  
Fuller's films were primarily about character, about people.  Often comic, 
always political he made films which, as a result of their modest budgets, 
could tackle ideas and themes considered too contraversial by the mainstream.

The Big Red One was planned as a comeback, though after advance previews 
signalled that audiences didn't respond well to the largely character based 
approach to telling a war story (largely based on his own experiences in North 
Africa), much of the film was cut, and the result was a box-office failure.  
Despite a successful period during the 1980s being championed by younger 
filmmakers such as Wim Wenders, Tim Robbins and Jim Jarmusch, the glory days 
of Fuller's filmmaking were to be lost forever.

In 2004, film critic Richard Schickel restored this film to a new director's 
cut length of approximately 160 minutes. Using Samuel Fuller's production 
notes and the full-length, unexpurgated script, Schickel restored the footage 
that was forced to be cut by the studio upon its original 1980 release. Whilst 
still not a patch on the hard-bitten dynamite if films such as "The Steel 
Helmet" and "Shock Corridor", the film still managed to present the humanist 
side of war far more than a dozen "Saving Private Ryan"s could ever manage.



(Mon 26th / 8pm / £2)

So what happened to the spirit of the blues in the 80's when Zeppelin split up
and Sabbath started using keyboards? Gordon Gekko reckoned that Greed is Good
but there ain't no soul in cocaine and champagne, so the blues walked away from
the city and out into the desert where it danced with dust devils and drank
mezcal. A decade later it exploded back on the scene with the force of tectonic
shift in the form of ... Kyuss.



(Tues 27th / 7.30pm/ £3/2)

This month BLUESCREEN goes green! 
Our usual open door policy is still in effect, only this time focusing on local 
short films (20 mins or less) with an ECOLOGICAL angle.
As a pre-cursor to the Public Conference – 'Towards an Eco-Cinema' – 
at the Watershed (weds 28th and thurs 29th) – you can bring along your Eco 
films and we will screen them!


FFI the Conference and RSA initiative with Arts Council England:



Image by: internet scavenged

Thomas Vinterberg / 2005 / Denmark-UK / 105 mins / Cert 15
(Wed 28th / 8pm / £2)

A story about Dick, a young loner who lives in the poor mining town of
Estherslope. When he happens upon a small handgun one day, he finds  himself
strangely drawn to it, despite his fervent pacifist views. Together with his
newfound partner he soon convinces the other young outcasts in the town to join
him in a secret club he calls The Dandies, a club based on the principals of
pacifism and guns. Despite their firm belief in the most important Dandy rule of
all - never draw your weapons - they soon find themselves in a predicament where
they realise that rules are made to be broken.

A product of the original signatories of the Dogme 95 manifesto (von Trier 
scripting, Vinterberg directing) the film is a bold parable of gun culture and 
modern American life, much in the same vein as Von Trier's 'Dogville' and
'Dancer in the Dark', given a more polished sheen by Vinterberg's direction and
a star turn from Billy Elliot himself, Jamie Bell.



(Thu 29th / 8pm / £2)

The Cube's in house Orchestra perform a live score to a mystery film.    An
unpredictable journey courtesy of Bristol's most anarchic musical body. All we
can tell you is that the performance will commence at 8.30pm. Fasten your seat belt!

Cube Orchestra is a regular open rehearsal held every Wednesday at the Cube.
Musicians of all standards are welcome and can expect to improvise towards
composition. If you would like to attend please contact Belinda: 



Image by: internet scavenged

(Fri 30th / 8pm / £5)

Wild, deviant sax led cacophony from Ted Milton and friends to rival the
galvanising non conformism of Mark Stewart or Mark E Smith. 

Active since 1979 and one of the first to release on Factory Records, the
quietly legendary Blurt may well have been listening to Captain Beefheart and
Charlie Parker - but it 's equally possible that they've never heard any music
at all. A comparison could be drawn to New York No Wave act The Contortions, and
though they share the same vitriolic rawness and tight dance grooves, there's
something of the Magic Band lurch to Blurt that separates them. That there are
grooves at all is impressive, given the lack of bass, which places all the
emphasis on piston-like drums which slug it out with the jagged, untutored sax

Math-rock local heroes Ivory Springer plus Papa Molasses & the Dane County
Paragons complete this unholy bill.



bands: The Chap + The Hard Returns
entertainment: Max Blackout's Movieoke 
DJs: Got Giddy + Campari Safari

Celebrate seven years of Cubic delights with Got Giddy. Two bands are on hand to
put our heads in funny places.

Two bands are on hand to put our heads in funny places.

Leading the charge are The Chap (Lo Recordings), a North London band who are
destined for great things. Unlike the current crop of retro No Wave deadenders,
these guys undercut the obligatory disco punk influence in a hundred ways, not
least through a distinctively English eccentricity. Lyrical absurdities and
sonic non sequitars make for a cerebral hotch potch that simultaneously pokes
fun at pop culture and has a hell of a laugh in the process. 

Plus a rare appearance from The Hard Returns (beanpole boffin Jem Noble and
Plug58's Rasha Shaheen), who serve up a medley of well known pop covers with a
hint of post modern detachment, a taste for performance art, and above all a
flavour for fun.

Hang around after the bands to join a special edition of Max Blackout's Movieoke
- act out your favourite scenes on the big screen with an impromptu cast of stars. 





featuring "Old Enough to Know Better"                                          
(Mon 3rd / 7.30pm / £2/3 though nobody turned away for lack of funds.)
Screening of multi-award winning film "Old Enough to Know Better", which
documents the mass school walkouts staged by thousands of school pupils in
protest against the Iraq war. It shows the dramatic political awakening of young
people and their facing up to an establishment reluctant to let them express
their views,
culminating in the storming of Edinburgh castle by youth gone wild. The film was
named best documentary at the UK's First Light Film Awards for short films made
by young people. The film will be accompanied by other choice selections by
BIM's programmers on the theme of war.



Image by: henke o'keeef

(Shinji Aramaki/ 2004 / Japan / 106mins / 12a)
(Tues 4th-Thurs 6th / 7pm / £2)

Old and new worlds collide in this action-packed sci-fi animation. Beautiful
female soldier Deunan Knute, a guerrilla fighter in a brilliantly realised
ruined city, is recruited to protect a utopian society built on a populous of
human and "bioroid" citizens. It is an admittedly convoluted plot with echoes of
BLADE RUNNER, pitching man against clone. Fans of the genre will have their
appetites more than satisfied by the usual serving of lemon-headed, almond-eyed
girl heroes with peachy behinds, plus muscular wall-smashing robot soldiers.
Some of the action sequences are as refreshing as those early viewings of THE
MATRIX, which itself owed much to Appleseed creator Masamune Shirow and his

Use of advanced technology to create a visually stunning new style of animation.
The film features a groundbreaking style known as “3D Live Anime” a blend of
motion-capture technology and 3D computer animation. The film is a huge leap
forward in technical and visual terms, far exceeding the previous benchmark for
computer animation from Japan, set by FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRIT WITHIN. In the
West Anime hasn't yet received in any way the recognision it enjoys in it's
native Japan, possible due to its alternative plot and storytelling devises
along with the obvious threat it poses to the likes of Disney and other industry



Rob Zombie / USA-Germany / 2005 / 109 min / 35mm / Cert 18
(Tue 4th - Thu 6th / 9pm / £2)

In the wake of the new, much anticipated 'Dead' release from George A. Romero
comes this second feature by heavy metal singer turned living dead obsessive Rob
Zombie, his follow up to HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES. This time round we follow the
exploits of an oddball, morally destitute Southern family as they blaze a trail
of depraved murder and carnage across the desert whilst being persued by the
law. Fans of NATURAL BORN KILLERS and TRUE ROMANCE should lap this up for having
punchy, highly quotable dialogue counterbalanced by the graphic depiction of
darkerside activities.

Well scripted with ample dark humour that will leave you largely desensitised to
swearing, lude behavior and the sight of blood this is NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH.