Aims & objectives:

To help promote new deaf creativity and the work of deaf artists in a variety of fields in the hope of creating new careers.

To introduce a mainstream audience to the world of deaf creativity and expression.

To promote awareness of deaf culture.

To break down barriers between the deaf and hearing communities and to encourage integration.

To create a fresh perception of the deaf community as viewed by the media & the public.

To promote deaf culture-based websites, both business & film-based, on the internet.

Equal Opportunities:

VS1 is committed to implementing an equal opportunities policy, which ensures fair and equal treatment to all individuals involved, irrespective of:

* culture, religion
* political opinion
* class / socio-economic status,
* race / ethnicity,
* age,
* gender,
* disability,
* marital status,
* sexual orientation

We are also committed to take account of Equal Opportunities in decisions on
VS1 creative activity and programming, and to demonstrating awareness of the importance of ensuring independent access to premises by disabled people,
people with mobility difficulties, people with small children, etc,
and take steps to remove the physical and emotional barriers
which prevent these and other groups from involving themselves in VS1 activities.


The organisation achieves these objectives through project based initiatives in different artistic fields.
VS1 has a core collective of members responsible for project managing and co-ordinating specific events.
This core group oversees project management on a co-operative basis. Each member has authority to represent the group as required.
Meetings take place on a regular basis and administration is shared according to project criteria and specific skills areas.