performance transcript

"...noises will be caused by electrical interference from domestic appliances, power cables, television receivers, computers and the like."
 (Short Wave Listeners Confidential Frequency List, 8th edition)

This 10 to 15 minute performance  used a YAESU FB200 SSB transceiver
to receive and transmit the sounds created by the broadcast of a live web stream.
These sounds then informed the performer as to what the accompanying human voice should say or do.

18th of May, 2002
7:30pm GMT
8:30pm (current daylight saving time in UK)

(with thanks to William Adamson and Neil Jenkins)

The work in progress for DATA STREAM PURE CORRUPT
-developed in the weeks leading up to this performance-
is documented in part as an Audio CD a collection of five sound events and poems.

part of "12 X12"
12 hours of web streamed live art and performances
from 12pm to 12am (DST)
promoted by the TimeBased Arts Department of UWIC.

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purchasing or ordering this collection contact: mac dunlop

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