vocal example


The whole race procreates
like duty free primordial ooze
snuck through customs on a booze cruise
deciding to get off where the world ends
when one's inner suspended sense of belief sends
a postcard from hell:
"Weather's fine, y'know just biding my time
till I can afford another lifeline
as a warthog, slug, frog
or assinine canine
with a suspicious mind

Sniffing every paving brick
laying under the chewing gum
generations thick
like memories cast in floor panelled glass

"in case of emergency"
break with the past

like a global warming world still reeling
from that "what a horrible day" feeling
stuck in a Hiroshima morning rush hour
tomorrow is another today
its remaining shadows stealing away
from humanity's history.

İmac dunlop (rewritten for) 2004