© mac dunlop


In the light - beyond conviction.
In the light - behind the times,
In the light - beyond darkness,
In the light - behind the troubles...

Do you want to know how a flower grows?
I'll tell you then, shall I?

It grows between all the world is a stage: "You are the petals on my grave, sweet flower,
sweet, temptuous flower..."

In the weaves of its roots, in the weaves of its leaves, you will find its fruit...
never mind the worry, never mind the fresh fallen snow -
in the hibernating growth,
in time beyond another dimension , another space,
this flower takes up room...
in its darkened corner, feels like the essence of the world,
the world,
echoes around us like weeds... like weeds.

Flying through the fields, weaving its way through the spidery web of convictions,
this flower is...we,
waiting in our wombs
imagining only rooms... oh to grow as a flower grows, oh to grow as a flower grows...
oh to be a workman's tool
plowing through the cruel world.

Wandering in the woods, we engage Mother Nature with our trembling feet.
Oh to crush a flower!
Whose growth may seem, on splitting its seam down the middle of its stemmed back...
Only spiny golden cellulose,
Oh the weeds grow, oh the weeds grow!
in cell formations as the sun splits its womb to enter into the flower's room.

Do you want to know how a flower grows?
I'll tell you then, shall I?

it grows as a weed would grow, wandering across an ocean of dirt, mud,
fields of fortune and fertility... yes, fertility...
loving each other's bellies, loving each other's swollen bellies.

Do you want to know how a flower grows?
-like a mould?
how it grows
on the death around the cow shed,
death around the church,
death: the heaving love that seems to grow as flowers grow
the way we want to know they grow.

Well then,
you're going to want to work in a field
and the field is full of creatures playing in the dirt,
Insects crawling around their heathen gardens
locked in war, war, war with Mother Nature.
(oh loving god, this sense is seething, and its pensive heart beats... oh god and gorish love!)

locked in its savior's glance it runs askance
alights aloft,
from this lazy-buggered life-
"I'm crawling through the air,
that goes from place to place,
from love to love...
romancing through the rainbow world,
Do you I miss the girl?
I miss the girl..."

Do you want to know how a flower grows?
I miss the girlŠ

It feeds on purpose filled fruit,
it wanders with its roots to find and search for this liquid soul
this liquid soil
the sea, toiling,
its sole grace -a one off chance to waste away on a tsunami wave
- to waste away on a tsunami wave.

Flying through the oceans, gliding higher and higher than,
through atmospheres and atmospheres, out into the stratospheres,
through the layers,
through the layers,
to the moon,
growing to the moon.

Do you want to know how a flower grows?
I'll tell you then, shall I?

It grows with work and toil,
it grows with care and love,
it grows with its own sense of individuality... yes, individuality.
The essence of humanity,
the essence of the soul,
the essence of every animal¹s essence,
Is that love,
That love is what a flower knows,
That love is what a flower knows
and that is how it growsŠ

©mac dunlop (rewritten for) 2004 .