Adapted from the CNI (instant gum arabic supplier) recipe
crossed with the original open cola recipe. Water: we noticed that
Valon water, readily available at cheap prices from LIDL, is lower in
both calcium & magnesium than Volvic, & switched.


30 ml caramel (DD Williamson doublestrength)
10 ml water (Valon)
10 ml flavour emulsion (oils mix, batch 3)

Mix the caramel with the water, while stirring add the flavour emulsion.


3 tsp citric acid 
(using UK measure teaspoon of equivalent to 3.5 ml)
0.75 tsp caffeine 
(internet purchase from My Protein sports supplements supplier) sieved 
0.5 tsp water (as before)

Mix the citric acid with the water then mix in the caffeine.

At this point, A+B can be packaged separately for distribution and later
restitution into cola syrup.

The Cola Syrup

2L water (as before)
2KG sugar 
(silver spoon from corner shop or fairtrade Cuban from Essential Trading) 
A, B

Pre-dissolve the sugar into most of the water.
Dissolve A + B into the rest of the water, then add the sugar syrup.

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