Cube-Cola KIT VERSION 2.0

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Cube-Cola kit-form, distributed by postal service and social courier, first issued July 2006: Newcastle, Brussels, Suffolk. KIT CONTAINS - MINI Cube-Cola concentrate 14ml (makes up 4.5L Cube-Cola); or - SMALL Cube-Cola concentrate 28ml (makes up 9L Cube-Cola); or - LARGE Cube-Cola concentrate 56ml (makes up 18L Cube-Cola); - Manual: MINI / SMALL / LARGE detailing ingredients & techniques DOES NOT CONTAIN - sugar - water - mixing equipment PRICE MINI (4.5L) 5 GBP or 6 EUROS, SMALL (9L) 7 GBP or 9 EUROS, LARGE (18L) 10 GBP or 12 EUROS, plus postage. Price may expand and contract, depending on the user's economic forces. Prices have been calculated to meet leading cola brand's shelf-price head on, taking into account the local added costs of sugar and water. ORDERING All products NOW AVAILABLE at Cube-Cola online shop Or contact us directly at OTHER THINGS FOR SALE 'Cube Cola Land' posters and Tea Towels KIT TESTERS Star and Shadow, Newcastle UK Other Cube-Cola service environments: Brussels, Bristol, Tijuana, Geneva, London, Kent.