Cube Cola lab 20/03/2006

Kayle Brandon, Kate Rich.

After last week's mixing fiasco, we were sure to clean both 
Bosch and whisk carefully before use, recalling its alt life
drilling plaster, metal and other unappealing surfaces.

Did some measurement checks for oils stage: according to 
most authoritative source
there should be around 25 drops of oil per ml (variations occur 
due to oil viscoisty and dropper capacity) meaning a 6 drop 
equivalent for the .25 ml measures (lavender and coriander oils) 
in our recipe.

Our one batch mix went smoothly, we remembered to include the 
1 drop vodka (zubrovka) in the gum arabic solution, and sheared
the emulsion for 7 minutes with the Bosch on full speed.
A good-looking emulsion emerged. 

Produced: 2 batches syrup for Cube use; plus 5ml extra flavour oils 
mix, which we diluted with a little extra water and stored in the 
lab airing cupboard, for accelarated breakdown testing.

Breakdown report (6 weeks on): 
We retrieved the 2 previous breakdown tests from the airing cupboard 
(3/02/06). COMP A/Bosch/kitchen whisk/no caramel; 
and COMP A/Bosch/braun whisk (lighter weight)/incl caramel. 
Results. Both mixtures appeared to have separated, but restored to
smooth when shaken. Water test (1 drop emulsion in 1/2 glass water) 
produced a clear mix, no residue visible. These test batches were
also returned to the cupboard for later reference.

- check Gloucester rd and Blackboy Hill catering shops 
  for heavier whisk attachment for the Bosch
- pick up old kitchenaid on offer at Sven's
- pipettes for better measurements
- get agricultural origins of all ingredients for use on poster.