Cube Cola lab 06/09/2005

Kayle Brandon, Kate Rich.

6/9/05. SUCCESS!!! 
after almost 2 years' struggle in the wilderness.

Bristol weather:fine warm & sunny.
Success seemed to be arrived at via a combination of
technique (force applied during blending process),
knowledge (assisted greatly via conversations with
inhouse advisor Richard Grove) and corrected ingredients 
- specifically the instant gum arabic, supplied as a
'sample' (1.3kg) by Colloides Naturels (UK) LTD

First we made the 7x mix, using a hybrid of the original
open cola recipe (proportions & types of oils) and the pdf
recipe from CNI (emulsification proportions).

2x batch: used a measuring syringe to measure:

7 ml orange
2 ml lemon
2 ml nutmeg
2.5 ml cassia
0.5 ml coriander 
0 ml neroli, because it's expensive
5.5 ml lime
0.5 ml lavender

(0.5ml is tempting to measure via drops, but we found
there is no standard ml/drop for oils, as it varies
greatly between substances, see

st werbergh's post office were again pleased to act as
public weighstation, weighing 15ml (1 testtube) gum
arabic so that we can have a standard ml-to-grams
conversion rate:

st werberghs chemist have ceased selling measuring
syringes, reason unclear.

following approximately the cola emulsion recipe forwarded
by CNI HQ in Rouen:

20% oils mix
20% gum arabic in the form of Instangum IRX 49345 from CNI
60% water.

in this case: 

18 ml oils (the above recipe made 19.5 ml)
18 g -> 22.6ml (according to post office measuring system) 
                 gum arabic
54 ml volvic.

we dissolved gum arabic into volvic with a mortar and pestle.
gum mixed in easily, reminiscent of cornflour.

we approached the emulsification in 2 stages, using the
jerry rigged bosch mixer (bosch cordless drill with
kitchen whisk attachement) in a glass jar only slightly
larger in diameter than the whisk, to approximate the
effect of shearing

1. low speed: drizzled the oils into the gum solution in a
steady stream,using the measuring syringe.

2. high speed: once all the oils were inserted,
approximately 2 minutes at maximum safe speed of bosch.

a cloudy emulsion formed.

we then returned to the original open cola recipe to make
the syrup, using:

5 ml of the 7x mix (oil/water emulsion)
2 L water (volvic, for low calcium advantage)
2 kg sugar (saudi arabian, from the Souk market on jamaica st)
1 tsp citric acid - less than the recipe suggested, but going 
easy, can adjust later to taste)
15 ml approx. double strength caramel colour (DD williamson) 

the emulsion seemed stable: no oily slick on surface. at
this dilution, the syrup was translucent, and roughly
cola-coloured. the 2 L of syrup will make around 8L of
cola, once fizzy water is added.