Cube Cola since 2003

We are wildcrafting our own cola from a careful
blend of open source recipe information, lab
experimentation, science-educated mentors and 
flavour industry expertise. The idea is to 
produce and distribute a wild cola not channeled 
through corporate or religious interests.

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Original Ingredients / Recipe Finance Cube Cola Lab Batch01 Cube Cola Lab 11-08-04 Consultation and Emulsifcation report Cube Cola Lab 06-06-2005 Cube Cola Lab 07-06-2005 Notes on Making Cola (Issue 2) By Richard Grove Cube Cola Lab 25-07-2005 Tasting Competitors Cube Cola Lab 06-09-2005 Stokesly High Street meeting Cube Cola Lab 24-11-2005 Cube Cola Lab 28-11-2005 New (Batch 4) Recipe Postal Recipe Cube Cola 04_12_05 Service Environments Caffeine Todo List