P R E S S   A R C H I V E

We're in the process of collating all of our Press material, in the meantime we googled ourselves and look what we came up with.

Cube Cinema to re open >      " Every city", says The Cube "Needs some stimulating nights " from Warprecords.com
Riot Here  The Cube,>     " Scraggy atmosphere... mixed with an air of avant-grooviness"  great piece about us  from popriot.com
Cube Photo Tour >       when the bar was orange!     from Bristolbeat.co.uk

Movietone > from Pop Riot
Luke Vibert/BJ Cole >     Excitement from their recent album Stop The Panic ensured The Cube was a sell out  from bristolbeat.co.uk
Stoloff and Hopkinson >    support for the above  from bristolbeat.co.uk

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