SPARROR Server Review Gala - to do.

add more ram (currently at 120M will try to add another 128M) [done]
add large disk for /home (probably 40 or 80 gig) [done]
add dvd burner for backups [done]
perform security scan (using nessus) [done]
add full user names to /etc/passwd (for more easy tracing of users) [done]
move /home/httpd/html/sparror to /home/sparror
and adjust /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf accordingly [done]
confirm then remove [enquired 20-05-04] [unresolved]
confirm then remove [enquired 20-05-0] [removal authorised by lou] [done]
confirm then remove [enquired 20-05-04] [removal authorised by ben] [done]
continue to teach and promote command line
perhaps offer a training event
invited cube associates to become users and or account holders
- approached justin quinelle regarding world pinhole day
- how about dove street action group, stoloff and hopkinson, jesse

invite new users from other time zones to help raise alarm of outages
during night time
write introduction to sparror - perhaps mac dunlop
invite users to build server room
make tutorial section (command line/ email/ backups)
review policy document [done]
develop distaster recovery plan [will do at nothing can surprise us festival]
start sparror users mailing list called sparror_nest [done]

run occasional sparror socials eg bbq, slowdancing

install spam assassin [done]

updated OS install [done]

make a sign for sparror, a light box sign for the cube
foyer or somewhere