SPARROR Server Policy.

Regular CUBE volunteers are provided with sparror 
mail accounts & basic training [how to use ssh, pine and
sparror webmail].

Before being issued a sparror mail account, volunteers will 
normally have worked at The CUBE for several months [1 or 
more shifts per week] or have taken on specific area of 

Within The CUBE, sparror provides functional equivalent 
of academic/corporate employee email, although without
the covert surveillance. Mutual benefits (to CUBE and 
volunteers) include institutional status & affiliation; 
& getting CUBE staff off Hotmail.

Removing mail accounts: no clear policy at present ie.
access does not automatically expire when you stop working 
regularly at The CUBE.
Committed non-volunteers: eligiblity for sparror mail
accounts could be productively evaluated/ extended.
Volunteers are offered web space on
when their mail account is set up. No formal web training provided,
but staff inter-training encouraged.
Bristol-based projects and organisations can request
web domain hosting on sparror. There is no formal 
application procedure; applicants generally approach CUBE 
staff who pass on enquiries to the sparror keeper. Content-
sympathy to general CUBE programming & culture is a 
loose requirement. Personal affiliation between the project 
and The CUBE can help (and includes some sites located 
outside Bristol).

Domain-hosted site administrators are hoped to be 
technically self-sufficient, so that tech-support can 
be minimal. No bandwidth restrictions exist to date
due to lack of excess popularity of any hosted site.

All domain-hosted sites are linked from the sparror home

No corporate/ academic sites are hosted on sparror as yet, 
but this could be implemented for strategic interest.

Service is free, but traded favours are encouraged.

Business/ commercial usage is not discouraged.

This service is perceived as being open-ended timewise.
Extraneous cultural or hobby activities involving CUBE
staff & supporters are provided with a MAILMAN sparror 
mailinglist to self-administrate, if applied for.
sparror is a non-funded, non-commercial server: all hardware,
labour and hosting is provided by The CUBE Cinema operations: 

Administration, management & maintainance shared by CUBE system
Feb 2004